Golf Fitness

Our Body Mechanix therapists perform a comprehensive physical screening involving evaluation of posture, flexibility, mobility, strength and balance. You will receive detailed results from you evaluation including information on how your physical limitations can result in swing faults.

  • Is your game not improving despite hours of practice at the range?
  • Do you feel you’ve “lost your game?”
  • Do you want to return to golf safely after an injury, surgery, or joint replacement?
  • Do you want to prevent golf injuries associated with improper golf swing?

Did you know that:

  • Poor posture can lead to improper address at the ball.
  • Balance deficits can result in loss of posture during the golf swing.
  • Weak abdominals can result in coming “over the top”
  • Inability to separate your upper from your lower body contributes to “sliding and swaying”
  • Certain physical characteristics can contribute to loss of power, accuracy and consistency

We design an exercise program customized to address the physical limitations found on your screening and to improve your overall golf fitness. This can include balance exercises, mobility activities, flexibility exercise, strengthening and coordination training. Instructors will work with you one-on-one to assure you are performing exercises with proper technique in order to achieve optimal outcome.

Body Mechanix - Staff

Body Mechanix - Staff